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Crafting efficient, profitable operations for founders

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About CEOF Consulting

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We're passionate, strategic partners who help founders optimize and grow their businesses. Having scaled our own companies, we know the right support can change challenges into thriving successes

How We Support You

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Fractional COO

We partner with you as a part-time, ongoing member of your leadership team. We enhance your capacity, tackle dynamic challenges, and help your company scale until you're ready for a full-time COO hire.

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Strategy Projects

We offer short-term strategy projects to address immediate needs and drive rapid improvement.

Visualize Operations
Financial Review
Client Experience Design
Engagement Design
Automate & Optimize
Pricing Strategy
Collaborative Teams

Letter from the CEO

Welcome to CEOF Consulting! I founded this company to help businesses not just succeed but thrive. With nearly two decades of experience, I've seen the transformative power of tailored strategies and dedicated support.

You can trust us to guide you through your journey because we believe in your potential. We are not just consultants: we are collaborators who care about your success. Together, we can navigate growth complexities and make your vision a reality.

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Caitlin Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer

CEOF Consulting

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Client Testimonials

Brands We Work With

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Let's Collaborate

With CEOF Consulting, you gain a seasoned executive who can relieve pressure and drive value on day one.

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In the News

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The Future Is Fractional. Here’s What It Means For You & Your Startup.


Jan 18, 2024


Podcast: Scaling Success with the Fractional COO Caitlin Ferguson

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Mar 4, 2024

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